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So my name is Jonathan Hoskin. I’m married to Cindy (nee, Schipper), and the father of Adriana (age 3) and Ashleigh (newborn), and enjoy the benefits of pet ownership with our cat, Burglar. I’m the incumbent priest of the Swift Current parish in the Anglican Diocese of Qu’Appelle, in southern Saskatchewan. The parish is a two-point parish: St. Stephen’s, Swift Current and St. John’s, Pennant. How did I arrive here? What brought me to this place in life? Who is this guy?

The truth about people is that they’re made up of lots of different things: lots of influences from different quarters that help to form them into who they are. I guess I’ve tried to put these influences into different categories for ease. Feel free (if you’re interested – though I can scarcely imagine why you would be) to browse through. My usual categories for dividing things are “Personal,” “Work,” and “School.” Now, it would seem that in this case all categories fall under Personal, so we won’t bother with either of the others. Instead, you’ll find “Professional Development” (which is sort of a humourous title, as I’m anything but professional), “Leisure” (which probably covers most of my life and time), and “People” (under which you’ll find family members and friends who have had the most profound influences on me).

Boring to read? Probably. Waste of time? You bet! But that’s why it’s on this procrastinator’s list of things to do!

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