Health & Fitness

Let me just say that we haven’t fallen under, since my last post about our health regime!  It’s been a week since then, but we are still working on it (I will admit to a few setbacks in that time).
First, with regards to diet, let me say a few words.  It’s harder to watch what you eat than you think!  But we’re working on making vegetables a much bigger part of our eating.  I’m tackling the morning blood sugar spikes with added fibre (of the PGX variety).  The hardest meal is supper, as so many “regular” suppers are big carb meals… things like noodle casseroles, or perogy/potato/french fry/rice based meals… breaded anything… So that’s one that we’re searching for some further alternatives for.  Also, eating out is always a bad idea, though some places do have really nice salad.  I especially recommend the Greek Salad at TNT, if you’re ever through Swift Current.
Second, with regards to exercise.  I had really found that the X Stretch was doing wonders for my hurt(ing) wrist, and will keep it in my regular rotation (though not every day).  We did a couple of the 10-Minute Trainer videos last week, and that was good for us.  I also spent a good half hour on the bike one morning – great way to fit in morning prayer when the kids know to leave you alone (if they’re up yet, and for it to work for me… well, they can’t be).  This area will only increase as time goes on.
Overall health, we’re trying to keep more active.  The rule that we don’t watch more TV than we’ve spent time exercising has not been followed completely, but we have been watching less, and it seems to me that was the point.

Stretching, Day 2

Well, as I expected my blood sugar did lower during the day yesterday.  By two hours (or a little more) after lunch it was a nice 6.6, so I had a snack.  By supper it was 6.3.  So I know that it does alright – will keep up on checking it, though.

Yesterday I stuck to my meal-plan.  I had more vegetables and fruit than I’ve had in a day for a while!  I didn’t snack in the evening.  I did stay up far too late, though I use the excuse that a certain young man wouldn’t calm down to get back in his bed.  We also stretched again, last night.

Now, part of our plan has us only watching as much TV as we spend time exercising.  While we’re not exercising this week, we count the hour of stretching that Tony Horton has us doing on the X Stretch DVD to that end.  So we get an hour of TV viewing after we’ve stretched.  The idea is that we don’t get “as much more as we want” after that.  Last night was… somewhere in between?

I know that the X Stretch was not meant to be done every day – but I don’t think it’s damaging.  I could feel it, though, last night.  I could feel that I’d stretched the day before.  It was a little easier; seemed a little more flexible.  There were a couple of places where I could feel that things had tightened up in reaction to the stretching the night before.  But it was good, and will be again tonight!

Finally got over to refill my water jugs, for the water cooler, too – makes such a difference, having clean-ish water to drink!

Stretching, Day 1

Last night I stretched.  It’s clear that I need to exercise, and eat right.  I haven’t been.  But I usually jump in too hard too fast, with exercise – so I thought I’d start a little slower.  I usually injure myself somehow, exercising – so I thought I’d start a little more limber.

Last night I stretched.  Cindy knew I was going to, and she had agreed to join me.  I put in the DVD with my stretch routine on it, X Stretch (it’s the seventh DVD in the P90X set).  She almost backed out, but we made a go of it.  The plan?  To X Stretch every night this week.  Who knows what next week will bring.  This week is the week to stretch.

We also took on a bit of a diet.  Perhaps we’ll actually stick to it, today.  I don’t know how Cindy did yesterday, to be honest, I only know that I didn’t really stick to it.  I woke up this morning and my blood sugar was at 8.6.  Granted, that’s probably higher than what it was when I went to bed last night.  I know that my blood sugar goes high when I haven’t been eating, but I haven’t been watching it – so part of doing things right is watching it.  Knowing that I’m going to be checking keeps me from eating the wrong food, and it’s important that I eat the right food.  We’ll be eating more vegetables (and fruit) on our diet (this is life now, by the way, not just a diet), and drinking lots more water.  I will keep posting on it, too, because accountability is… necessary.